Swaddling:  The What, Why, When and How?

Swaddling: The What, Why, When and How?

If you are giving birth for the first time, maybe you hear about swaddling only now and wonder what it is all about. Swaddling is an age-old practice of gently wrapping a baby up using light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and have a comfortable sleep.

Why Swaddling a Baby Is Beneficial?

It would be best if you wrap your newborn in a swaddle wrap for several reasons. 

Swaddling can protect them from their natural startle reflex, which is normal in babies responding to loud noise. 

It has also been proven that when infants are swaddled, they are quieter, sleep better, and have a more stable heart rate. When the baby has a good sleep, the mother can also have a good sleep.

When you wrap a blanket snugly around the baby’s body, they can feel tight when being inside the mother’s womb. In addition, they also can feel secure, just like when they are yet to be born. There will be a feeling of warmth for the first few days of life outside the womb until their internal thermostat comes into effect. 

When Should You Swaddle Your Baby  

During the first two weeks of birth, you should swaddle your baby for nighttime sleep or a nap during the day. You can also do it if the baby is awake and needs some soothing from colic.

When the baby is one month old, you swaddle them only for sleep at night. They need to practice their mobility when awake, which is difficult to do when swaddling.


How to Swaddle A Baby 

Here is the step-by-step procedure for swaddling a baby.

  1. On a changing table or the bed, spread the baby swaddle blanket flat, with one corner folded.
  2. Lay the baby on the blanket face up, and the head should be on the folded corner.
  3. With the baby’s right arm down by the side, wrap the right corner over the baby’s body and tuck the blanket end underneath.
  4. The bottom corner of the blanket should be brought up over the baby’s feet.
  5. With the baby’s left arm down by the side, bring the left corner of the blanket over the baby. This will leave just the head and neck exposed.
  6. Finally, ensure that the blanket is wrapped appropriately around the body, not constricting the hips and legs.

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