4  Different Uses of your Baby's Muslin Swaddle

4 Different Uses of your Baby's Muslin Swaddle

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Neonates are growing by the day and by the hour which means ‘change’ is what she is experiencing and the parents have to jump in and adapt to this journey of adventure. It’s both challenging and exhilarating, at the same time, to both the parents.
Babies are all fun, and messy too. Though it's understandable that newborns need undivided care and attention, one cannot be lazy or lackadaisical in attending to the baby. But then you are equipped with the best in mom-baby care these days that you can reduce the burden at least to some level. One such essential is the Swaddle blanket, a truly multipurpose item that’s a must in every newborn baby’s wardrobe. We don't know if the swaddle wrap is creative or you the moms, but examples of Swaddles donning new roles in baby care are all around us. Let’s see 5 of them in this article.

As a Burp Cloth

Sling the swaddle blanket over your shoulder before attempting to burp your little one. There’s nothing to worry about over washing the cloth after it gets messy and spit-on. The ideal advice would be to embrace the mess whole-heartedly.

As a Playtime Cover

Whether your newborn is still trying to roll over or exploring the world from its vantage point, the soft and safe muslin fabric is comforting to the sensitivity of the baby’s skin. It’s always fun with the ideal swaddle wrap to let the baby follow its curiosity.



As a Stroller Cover

Muslin fabric bamboo: cotton swaddles are breathable and can be used outdoors as a stroller cover. It gives protection from excessive heat of the Sun and allows for air circulation too.

As a Nursing Cover

Moms are quite worried and sometimes hesitant about breastfeeding their little ones in public. Muslin fabric Swaddle wraps are quite effective in usage as a nursing cover. Its length and the weaves of the fabric are quite baby-friendly and do the job of both giving privacy and the protection the baby and mom need.


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