Umbilical Cord of Love

Umbilical Cord of Love

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Have you ever been a baby?

Everyone has, would be your simple answer.

And many would have grown out of it.

Was it easy being a baby?

Would you say it was fun while it lasted?

Some actually might think being a kid was a lot more desirable than grow up to be an adult with a whole lot of responsibilities and never-ending important things to do.

A few minutes of flashback into the past might bring back have fond memories of one’s childhood.

Whatever may be your idea of childhood, you would credit your mom and dad for what you are today, at least for your early childhood.

And for a typical mom, her own children are still babies, whether you are a celebrity, a VIP or a CEO of a corporation.

It doesn’t matter if you are 12, 32 or 49, she’ll still ask if you ate. She will still care for you.

No matter what. That kind of makes every mom a superwoman in her own right. Come to think of it, she performs her duties and responsibilities without a salary or any remuneration.

The act of giving birth is one of the most miraculous events a mom can through. And there’s no match for the pain she endures.

Ask your mom or any mom, and she’ll tell you why it isn’t a walk in the park tending to a neonate.

Though, if there’s anyone who can be considered the guardian angel, it’s the mother.

There’s no parallel to the love, affection and care a mother bestows for and on her baby.

Metaphorically speaking, the umbilical chord is never cut.

Presenting Tinylane -- a premium brand of baby essentials (bamboo swaddle wraps, organic baby washcloths and baby bibs) that we believe is the umbilical chord that works it’s magic in the very first hours, days, weeks and months your bundle of joy arrives into this world.

A brand and a product line that has been built with an abundance of love and oodles of affection, by a mom, so much so that it wouldn’t be wrong to say, ‘it’s her baby and her brain child’.

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