The science behind Bamboo:Cotton blankets.

The science behind Bamboo:Cotton blankets.

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Better sleep for your baby – the science behind Bamboo:Cotton blankets.

As we bid goodbye to spring and welcome summer, it’s important to keep your baby cool and snug as the temperature rises. Team Tiny Lane understands the ‘why’ and ‘how’ in keeping the immediate environment soothing and hence make it easy for your baby to slip into sleep with relative ease and comfort. We’ll explore the science behind using our bamboo:cotton fabric blankets and how they promotes sound sleep, beyond their pretty prints.    

Sleep, the science behind it

Sleep for your baby is as essential as her eating and drinking, and it constitutes factors relating to biology and the environment you create. A conducive environment which is moderate in all aspects plays a pivotal role in getting your baby restful sleep. And the right kind of blanket goes a long way in setting a rhythmic sleep cycle for your little one.  

Sound Sleep and the blanket advantage

A good blanket enhances the sleep quality of your little one

  1. Comfort meets Security: All us adults need a sense of comfort and security to relax and fall into a deep sleep. So do babies, irrespective of the months or years. Bamboo:cotton blankets bring a host of advantages. Softnes and coziness being the primary two. The miracle plant, bamboo in its fabric form is naturally soft and cozy, making it a great sleep inducer in a blanket form. 
  2. Regulates Temperature: The triple-layered blankets maintain an optimal temperature which is essential condition for good sleep. As one of its properties, bamboo:cotton is breathable as it allows for air to flow freely through it and in the bargain prevents overheating. The natural breathability of the our blankets help regulate your baby's body temperature, keeping her comfortably cool in warmer weather.
  3. Managing Moisture: With a higher metabolic rate, resulting in excessive sweating, especially in warmer climates, your baby is prone to discomfort. Bamboo:cotton blankets come with phenomenal moisture-wicking properties, as they efficiently absorb when the baby perspires and promotes quick evaporation. Ensuring a dry and comfy sleep, without disruptions, for your little one.  
  4. UV Protection: Naps in the daytime sun can be fun, but sun exposure may cause harm to your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. Tiny Lane bamboo:cotton blankets come with added UV protection, offering a beneficial shield against harmful rays.

Comfort enhanced with functionality

At TinyLane, we carefully craft our bamboo:cotton blankets, ensuring the optimal blend for comfort and functionality. The hypoallergenic nature of the bamboo:cotton blend makes it a safe choice for babies with sensitive skin. The softness of bamboo combined with the durability of cotton creates a cozy and long-lasting blanket that provides the ideal sleep environment for your little one.

When comfort meets the right kind of functionality, magic happens. We at Tiny Lane carefully craft our bamboo:cotton blankets. The result is an optimal blend of comfort and functionality. The naturally hypoallergenic property of the bamboo:cotton blend makes it an ideal and safe choice for babies with sensitive skin. While bamboo brings softness, cotton offers great durability and as a winning combo they both provide excellent sleep for your little one. 

Vibe with TinyLane. Embrace the spirit of Spring-Summer

If you are all excited about the functionalities and properties of our bamboo:cotton blankets, wait there’s more. Available in a range of chic, adorable prints and sizes, every mama will find it stylish to use it for her little one– indoors and outdoors. Being reversible, mamas have an option to cover the baby in more than one printed side. 

To sum it all up, Tiny Lane blankets made from bamboo:cotton combo offer excellent scientifically approved benefits which go beyond mere aesthetics. Comfort, temperature regulation, moisture management, and UV protection are the salient features that pack all the magic in our blanket fabric. Embrace the spring-summer seasons with Tiny Lane’s bamboo:cotton blankets and see your baby sleep sound and snug, every single time.

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