The magic of Massage for your Baby

The magic of Massage for your Baby

Step-by-step guide to massaging– a great way to bond

Loving Touch, when it’s gentle, can be quite powerful and create wonders for a mama’s equation with her little one. Warm cuddles, affectionate embraces and infant massages offer an excellent opportunity to bond and build an enduring connection between you and your baby. These gentle and sweet physical gestures promote relaxation and sometimes help get rid of common infant discomforts.   

Listed below is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to performing effective baby massages:

Begin on the right note:

  • The right time: Pick a time when the baby is calm and relaxed, ideally after a nap or diaper change. Avoid massaging sessions right after feeding, as it may cause discomfort.  
  • Environment is crucial: A comfortable room temperature and ensure the space you choose is free of disturbances.
  • The supplies you need:
    • Massage oil: Fragrance-free, baby-safe oils are the best. Coconut or almond oil are the safest bet.
    • Soft towels: Spread a clean towel on a changing table or a comfortable surface.

You’re ready to go:

  1. Rub your hands: Create gentle warmth by rubbing both your palms together.
  2. Legs first: Dip your fingers in the oil, rub it between your palms and gently stroke your baby’s legs with the oil. Begin at the feet and move upwards, applying light pressure, from ankle to the thighs.  
  3. Around the tummy: Make circular motions, light and gentle with the flat part of the hand around the navel and move away from it.  Caution: Do not apply too much pressure directly on the navel or the ribs. 
  4. Arms, shoulder and chest: With a stroking motion, move from the shoulders down towards the hands. For the chest, gently stroke from the centre and towards the baby’s shoulders. 
  5. Face massage: Using your thumbs and index fingers, trace circles in a gentle fashion on the forehead of your baby. Keep the eyes area from contact. Gentle strokes for the chin and cheeks too. Caution: Massaging is not a one-way process. Be mindful of the subtle cues your baby is sending out and adjust your activity. If the baby shows its displeasure– fussiness or discomfort, do pause the massage or discontinue. 
  6. Additional Tips:
  • Sing or talk in a soothing way: A calm, soft and soothing environment is paramount during the massaging session.
  • Be gentle: The whole activity should be smooth. Don’t force anything.
  • Keep it short and sweet: In the beginning, keep the sessions between 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase the duration as the baby gets comfortable. 
  • Obey her cues: Baby will respond through her body language. Keep an eye on her reactions. If she cries, or seems fussy or irritable, it’s a signal to stop.      

Benefits of Baby Massage:

  • Relaxes and improves sleep: The power of gentle touch. Eases all the stress and tension while having a calming effect. 
  • Goodbye discomfort: A good massage session relieves gas pain and promotes better digestion.
  • For a stronger parent-child bond: The magic of physical closeness and positive touch has a transformative effect and a deeper connection. 
  • Improved blood circulation and muscle development: Massage done with gentle strokes has a stimulative effect on blood flow and also helps in muscle development.


This is general knowledge and information. It is in no way a strict substitute for medical advice. Consult a practicing paediatrician before you start a massaging session for your baby. It’s even more important if they have a underlying health condition. 

Don’t forget: Massaging sessions should be enjoyable, both for you and your baby, and not an forced exercise. Following the above mentioned steps of gentle and soft massage activity, while reading, responding to your baby’s cues, can have a calming effect and foster deeper bonds between you two, and promote a sense of well-being.

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