Wake-and-Sleep: Teaching Babies to Sleep on Their Own

Wake-and-Sleep: Teaching Babies to Sleep on Their Own

Wake-and-sleep is a gentle sleep training method that involves helping babies learn to fall asleep on their own without relying on external sleep aids, such as rocking or feeding. This method is particularly useful for infants who struggle with self-soothing or have difficulty falling asleep without assistance.

The wake-and-sleep method involves putting your baby down to sleep while they are still awake, but drowsy. You then stay with your baby and provide gentle reassurance while they fall asleep. This could involve patting their back or singing a lullaby. Once your baby is asleep, you leave the room.

If your baby wakes up during the night, you should use the same technique to help them fall back to sleep. Over time, your baby should learn to fall asleep on their own, without needing your assistance.

It's important to note that the wake-and-sleep method can take some time to work, and it may not be suitable for all babies. Some babies may still need some assistance falling asleep, and that's perfectly okay. It's also important to ensure that your baby is getting enough food and that they are not uncomfortable due to things like a dirty diaper or an uncomfortable sleeping environment.

Ultimately, it's up to each family to determine the best sleep training method for their baby. The wake-and-sleep method is just one of many techniques that can be used to help babies learn to sleep on their own.

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