Congratulations on your bundle of joy, new momma! As a new mom, taking care of your tiny tot will keep you engaged 24/7, but summers will also take a toll on your health and your babies. Not many women like the term, but studies state that 22% of new moms suffer from Postpartum Stress*.

In this article, we will share some tips to help ease your anxiety and make early parenting an absolute joy with many memories to cherish. Let's get started, shall we?

Before we delve into the actual topic, let us first understand the stressors that affect new mommas:


  • First-time mommas

If you are a first-time momma, the pressure starts when you get pregnant. From unsolicited advice to body changes, hormonal imbalance, sudden cravings, and mood swings -leaning more towards crying, your life has taken a sudden turn as you try to adjust yourself to embrace these changes that take place inside and around you.

  • Solitary Responsibility

Unlike other countries, women in India, especially new moms, do not have a robust support system to lean upon. Without the much-needed support and new mommas, having to do everything themselves creates frustration and stress.

  • Trying to achieve perfection in everything

New mommas try their hardest to be perfect mothers, sometimes to the point of overexerting themselves. With societal and peer pressure, there is only a point that mommas can withstand. Eventually, they bow down to the pressure, not realizing that they are doing everything perfectly fine and that everything takes time.

  • Physical Stress

One of the most prominent stressors is the physical changes that a new mom has to undergo after childbirth. She will be subject to weight gain/loss, exhaustion, sleeplessness, excessive hair fall, brittle nails, etc. In a society where appearances are given more importance, a new mom faces untold stress when the people who are supposed to compliment her become her worst critics.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

Continuous feeding and caring for your newborn every second can be very exhaustive. Especially if you are under tremendous stress from having to do everything yourself, be prepared for mood swings, panic attacks, lack of interest in everything, and a perceived sense of hopelessness - that you are not a good mom to your boo!

Staying positive, no matter the situation that life throws at you, and giving yourself the time to heal are the crucial takeaways for those struggling with stress.


  • Establish a self-care routine

You are beautiful! You are pretty! You are an awesome mommy! No matter what others say, these three statements define you! Carve out a time of, say, 30 minutes each day for yourself. Do whatever you want in your dedicated time. Read a book, sleep, listen to music, do yoga, or unwind. But ensure that nobody invades your personal space. Doing what you love will make you a strong woman - both inside and out!

  • Reach out for support.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. You need not do everything by yourself, momma! Reach out to those close to you - your parents, husband, inlaws, friends, and colleagues so that you don't feel pressured to raise your baby all by yourself. You can also get help from online platforms for young and new mommas. Use extended support, and you will see positive changes within you.

  • Manage time effortlessly

Being a new momma is tricky as you must align your lifestyle with your baby's. Establish a timeline for everything—feeding, potty training, bath time, naptime, etc. Things will take time, and you can't rush your baby or yourself, but ensure you are consistent with your efforts.

  • Steer clear of mindless gossip.

You might find yourselves at a crossroads when your parents and inlaws start voicing their opinions differently, and you are still determining who you should listen to without antagonizing the other. Remember not to listen to mindless chatter, as you know your baby better than anyone else. Just focus on the ones that resonate with your situation and ignore the rest.

  • Seek Professional Help

If you feel overburdened by everything happening around and within you, please seek professional help. Experts will analyze your problem and prescribe the proper medications.

Motherhood is an extraordinary adventure; to experience it fully, mommas must be their best. These foolproof tips help you better understand yourselves and your capabilities! Happy Motherhood!

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