First baby essential for your little one.

First baby essential for your little one.

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Babies are a miracle. With her birth, a baby brings an abundance of joy, happiness and cheer to the entire family.

It’s a welcome boost of oxytocin for the new mom, also sometimes referred to as the cuddle hormone.

The bond between the newborn and the mom is often celebrated as the highest and the noblest form of love, highly essential for nurturing and caring for the infant.   

With this goodness d news comes a set of new learnings and responsibilities.

Love can move mountains as long as the caregivers do their part.

With a learning mindset, a new mom can equip herself with the right kind of info and the guidance provided by medical professionals. 

While a lot goes into bringing up a neonate, some items are basic and central to caring for every newborn.  

Here are a list of ‘must and should’ in the nursing kit of a newborn:

Swaddling is not only a life-saving practice but is highly beneficial to a newborn.

When done right, swaddling induces good and sound sleep for the baby.

A well-rested baby provides enough time and space for the mom to catch up on sleep and her parenthood responsibilities.

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