7 Convincing Reasons for Using Tiny Lane Bamboo:Cotton Swaddle Wraps.

7 Convincing Reasons for Using Tiny Lane Bamboo:Cotton Swaddle Wraps.

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A newborn baby needs extra care and attention. Not just in terms of the time, effort and energy you invest in taking care of your little one as a new Mom but also equally in terms of the products and essentials you spend your money on. What your baby wears and spends her time growing up in the first few months has a crucial impact on her overall health and wellbeing.


Here are 7 clinching reasons why you as a new Mom should invest in Swaddle Wraps from Tiny Lane:

  1. Mimics a mother’s womb, hence very safe and baby friendly 

Tiny Lane’s Swaddle Wraps are the result of research and innovation in fabric– its manufacturing and design. After extensive experimentation with various kinds of fabric, the team arrived at a precise combination of two materials: Bamboo and Cotton. Bamboo, which is generally referred to as a miracle material is indeed a boon to the clothing industry. The combo of Bamboo:Cotton, in just the right measure of 70% and 30% respectively, bears qualities that heightens safety and comfort. It’s the next best place outside a Mom’s womb for your baby. 

  1. GOTS Certified
    Tiny Lane baby essentials are Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) approved. GOTS is an independent International body in the arena of organic textiles and it’s certification is not only a nod on the quality of our baby essentials but also an assurance for all parents who are concerned and care for high standards of safety and comfort. 
  1. Soft and snug, hence the perfect fabric for a baby’s tender skin

Tiny Lane brings you neonatal products that are super soft for the sensitive and delicate baby skin which is 1/10th the thickness of an adult’s skin. 

The Bamboo:Cotton (70%:30%) formula is a perfect and delicate balance of flexibility and tensile strength. The fabric ultimately is not just extremely soft, for your baby’s sensitive skin but also very strong and weathers all the wear and tear of regular usage. 



  1. Designed to cultivate sleep discipline

All that newborns do once they’re out of their mother’s womb  is be fed, sleep, poop and repeat. And they activities can and will keep a mom on her toes. And in this busy schedule it is of utmost importance that mom-baby stick to their schedule and both get enough sleep. And swaddling is the best way a mom can keep her and her baby’s sleep discipline. With Tiny Lane swaddles, mothers can cultivate the habit of inducing regular and scheduled sleeping. As our Swaddles, when done in an effective manner, are designed to mimic a mother’s womb and its cozy comfortness. Tiny Lane Swaddle wraps hit the sweet spot with the innovation fabric which translates into high quality comfort and softness that is akin to the safety and nourishing atmosphere of a mom’s womb. And that’s a perfect condition and environment to help your newborn to slip into good rest and sleep, with relative ease.  

  1. 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial 

Eliminates irritation and irritability, inhibits causing of allergies and is completely odorless. By far the safest swaddles you can find in the market.

  1. Dyed in organic vegetable colors

Tiny Lane, as a brand, has made every effort to make its products genuinely child friendly.  Natural color extracts make our products highly baby skin-friendly and hence a trusted and favorite brand with all mothers. 

  1. Available in an awesome range of attractive design prints

From plain and simple whites, with a touch of coloured piping to gorgeous flamingos and giraffes, Tiny Lane baby essentials not only score high on fabric quality but also on their cuteness quotient. With design and print options that capture a slice of nature and the animal kingdom, they are sure to be a reason to bring a smile on anyone’s face. 

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