5 Reasons Bamboo Fabric is the BEST for Babies!

5 Reasons Bamboo Fabric is the BEST for Babies!

Baby’s best sleeping partner.
5 Reasons Bamboo Fabric is the BEST for Babies!

If being softer than silk, stronger, more durable than cotton, naturally antibacterial, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, extra-absorbent, and UV protectant wasn’t enough.

Turns out Bamboo fabric may also be amongst the most sustainable resources on the planet, and thus an eco-friendly choice for you and your little ones!

1. Soft like Silk, and Stronger than Cotton
Bamboo fabric has a luxuriously soft and smooth texture, making it perfect for caressing your baby’s delicate skin.

Bamboo fabric is also amongst the strongest fabrics available. It is three times stronger than cotton when cared for properly. This means apparel made from bamboo fabric is more durable and will keep its shape and color longer, even after many washes.

2. Naturally Antibacterial, Odour Free, Hypoallergenic and UV Protectant

The bamboo plant possesses an anti-bacterial bio-agent called ‘Bamboo Kun’, allowing the bamboo plant to naturally flourish and grow in the wild, without needing pesticides.

This beneficial quality of the plant miraculously remains in its textile form, helping kill all bacteria and keeping the wearer feeling fresher, more hygienic, and odor-free for longer.

Bamboo fabric is also hypoallergenic, and a perfect choice for babies who have sensitive skin, or experience allergic reactions to other natural fibers such as wool or hemp.

3. Thermo-regulating: Will keep Baby Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Unlike many other fabrics, bamboo fabric is extremely breathable and is known to be a thermo-regulating fabric. This results in the wearer of bamboo fabric keeping two degrees cooler on a hot day, and noticeably warmer when it’s cold.

4. 40% More Absorbent than Organic Cotton

Bamboo fabric has 40% more moisture absorption capacity when compared to the finest organic cotton.

It can absorb three times its weight in water. Owing to this remarkable ability, the wearer of Bamboo fabric apparel will feel less sticky when it’s humid, and will not be drenched in sweat when it’s hot.

5. The Most Eco-Friendly Material on the Planet

Bamboo is amongst the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials on the planet. It requires 30% less water than cotton, it is 100% biodegradable, does not need fertilizers or pesticides, absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air, and provides an abundance of oxygen when grown.

Owing to these incredible benefits of bamboo fabric, we believe that it is truly one of the best choices for baby clothing.

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